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Our Company

PHF is a professional services group of Chartered Accountants and financial professionals represented by a diversity of specialized skills and a wealth of experience in auditing, accounting, taxation, statutory service, business consulting, payroll, financial planning etc. within various industries throughout South Africa.

Our Mission Statement

PHF is an organization that places high value on the human potential within our different divisions – potential that can only be realized through positive and proactive leadership. Each of these divisions provide specialized services in different sectors in the financial services arena that ensures that within this collective effort, the maximum value is added to our clients as a whole.

To meet desired objectives of clients within the set and agreed deadlines is of utmost importance to our organization as this is part of the professionalism that our organization desires to radiate in the sector we deliver our professional services. 

Our motto “Timeous service delivery comes first” is something that we pride ourselves in.

Our Vision statement

PHF seeks to precisely determine the needs of our clients, based on a comprehensive examination and analysis of the scope of their needs. Within the ambit of our organization, wide ranges of expertise are on offer, to ensure effective plan of action to achieve desired objectives. As each client is unique, the solutions we provide are designed and implemented in specific and appropriate ways.

Our management team has many years of experience in the financial sector which ensures effective solutions to our clients at all time.  All staff earmarked for projects have a knowledge of the scope of services required and have gained experience on projects of similar nature.

We firmly believe that we would be a good firm of choice for YOU.